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What We Do

A regional service offering everything you need

Here at GGM our Lawyers have a range of certifications, qualifications and experience across a broad range of areas.

We have the skills and experience to assist you with any simple or complex conveyancing matter.

The process and risks associated with rural conveyance are different to that of residential properties.

It is important that your intentions are clear so that they can be successfully followed at the appropriate time.

Our lawyers understand the legal issues business owners face and work with you to understand your particular situation.

It is essential to the process of passing a business or farm to the next generation as smoothly as possible.

We practice in all areas including criminal offences, driving/traffic matters and Apprehended Violence Orders.

Navigating the process of winding up the estate of a loved one can be a stressful task at what is already an emotional time.

Legal documents play an essential role in protecting the interests of a business and the business owners.

Our lawyers understand that every family law matter is unique. We use a logical approach to achieve constructive outcomes.

Should you find yourself in legal conflict, it is important you have an understanding of your rights and responsibilities.

Our legal team are here to provide you with advice to minimise stress and disruption to you as an employee or as a business.

We have a strong understanding of all relevant legislation affecting the hotel industry and gaming entitlements.