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Rural Property

The processes and risks associated with purchasing a rural property are different to those purchases in residential areas.

As a law firm with over 150 years’ experience in the local region, we understand better than anyone the unique challenges of transacting rural property, and ensuring detailed due diligence is completed prior to exchanging contracts.

We work with our clients to complete thorough property investigations including comprehensive pre-contract enquiries targeted at legal access, enclosure permits, Crown lands, noxious weeds, livestock diseases, native vegetation and water licences, to name a few. We also have extensive experience in transacting Western lands leases for grazing, agriculture, homes and businesses.

Whether you’re buying your first rural property, expanding the family farm or moving to greener pastures, our skilled and dedicated legal team are ready to ask all the right questions and come with you on the journey to securing your new rural property.

To get started on your rural property search, contact us today.