Window Safety Devices install by 13 March 2018

Do you live in, own or manage a townhouse or unit?

By 31 March 2018 all strata schemes are required to have safety devices attached to all openable windows where the internal floor is more than 2m above the ground outside and less than 1.7m above the inside floor (within a child's reach).  See the diagram below for a visual explanation.

The safety device to be attached to each applicable window must allow the maximum opening to be less than 12.5cm and be able to withstand a force of 250 newtons (which is equal to 25 kilograms of force).

Complying safety devices include those attached to a window frame or robust bars as long as they meet the above criteria.  Window safety devices must also be installed on applicable windows in common areas, such as stair landings.

Residents with safety devices installed on their windows may still fully open their windows whenever they wish to do so, BUT it is highly recommended that the safety devices are engaged whenever there are children present in order to prevent falls.

Deadline - 13 March 2018

If window safety devices are not installed by 13 March 2018 owners corporations may face fines. Owners corporations are not required to monitor or enforce the use of window safety devices but must ensure they are installed by the 13 March deadline. 

Further details about the installation of the widow safety devices can be found here on the Department of Fair Trading website.   

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