Celebrating 20 Years Together!

In 1995 the Young based law firm, Gordon Garling Giugni was considering the impact of new technology on the operation of rural law firms.  The partners, Joe Lynch and Eris Gleeson recognised the need for rural law firms to broaden the geographical area in which they operated, and this was now possible with new computer technology.

Both Joe and Eris had known Peter Moffitt, the principal of the long standing Grenfell Law Firm, Harney and Moffitt, for many years    They had an excellent professional relationship as well as a keen interest in the Rugby competition involving these two rural centres. 

Discussions and negotiations between the partners of both law firms proceeded promptly and it was felt that both practices were a very good fit.

Then began the challenging but rewarding process of introducing the staff from each firm and working towards a complete co-ordination of roles and operational procedures.  Many of the staff members involved in the merger are still with the combined firm today.  

“It’s very surprising to consider that the amalgamation has been operating for 20 years.   It was an excellent decision and has now been followed by many other law firms in rural NSW”, said Eris Gleeson.

“My staff in the Grenfell office at the time, and I were very excited to be part of a large and well regarded law firm that was now better positioned to offer a wide range of legal services to the community.  It has been both rewarding and challenging.  We have certainly come a long way in just 20 years", said Peter Moffitt. 

The firm’s offices in Grenfell and Young continued under the name of Gordon Garling Moffitt.   The new name was chosen to reflect the history of the firm. 

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