Amber Jennings – newly qualified Licensed Conveyancer

Amber commenced work at GGM in 2006 as the office trainee, fresh out of High School. Amber was always interested in the legal profession and looked for study that she could do externally from Young. Amber commenced her distance education study in 2009 and enrolled in an Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies) at Southern Cross University. For the next five years Amber worked at GGM full time in conveyancing and studied part time at home.

Amber graduated in 2014 with her Associate Degree. By completing her major in Conveyancing, Amber was eligible to apply for a conveyancing licence in 2015. Amber was granted an unconditional NSW Conveyancing Licence on 4 August 2015.

Amber is very interested in law and wishes to pursue her legal education further. Amber applied for entry into the undergraduate Bachelor of Laws based on special consideration from her distinction average in the previous degree. Amber has received an offer of acceptance and will now undertake this study in 2016.

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