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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We live in a complex society and despite all efforts, disputes invariably arise. Should you find yourself in legal conflict, it is important you have an understanding of your rights and responsibilities from the outset.

Our dedicated and skilled legal team is committed to the pursuit of practical resolutions which manage conflict and minimise the distraction and drain on your business or personal life. We provide pragmatic advice, which includes exploring alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, to find you an enduring and ‘value for money’ solution.

Our expertise ranges from simple demands on debtors to enforcement of contractual rights and bankruptcy applications. We can assist you in the prosecution or defence of court proceedings and will brief subject matter experts and counsel as required to secure your best outcome.

Our services include:

  • Pre-litigation advice on prospects of success and strategy
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Demands on debtors
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Defending claims and proceedings
  • Briefing experts and counsel (as required)
  • Advocacy in all jurisdictions

For a confidential discussion about your legal dispute, contact us today.