Rural Conveyancing & Succession Planning

Gordon Garling Moffitt specialise in rural conveyancing. Peter Moffitt, Eris Gleeson, Vanessa Gibson and Rina Van Ommeren lead the way when it comes to the transfer of rural assets whether it be land, water, share transfers or any other aspect of a rural business. With a passion for assisting family farms into the future, our solicitors can assist you.

Peter Moffitt has been a member of the NSW Law Society Rural Issues Committee since 1998. Peter has the opportunity to influence legislation and policy that directly affects our rural clients. Membership of this Committee ensures our rural clients have a voice when it comes to the important issues that affect their business and their lives such as the intergenerational stamp duty exemptions and reform of the water industry.

Peter Moffitt was instrumental in the creation of the Document to Assist Rural Practitioners which serves as the bible for all lawyers practising in this area.

Succession planning can be key to the ongoing success of any business and the farming industry is no exception. We can guide you through this often difficult and emotional process and will work closely with your Accountants and Financial Advisors to achieve a smooth transition. We can also assist you in regard to making an application to Centrelink.

We have experience in perpetual leases, incomplete purchases, western lands leases from the Crown, and old system conveyances including qualified and limited title. The combined experience of eight lawyers, all skilled in this area of the law can assist you with your needs.

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