GGM hits the pavement in the City to Surf and other great events

This year marks the 16th City to Surf for our oldest member of staff Peter Moffitt with no sign that it will be his last.  For the last two years he has been joined by other members of staff including his daughter Rachael Power and Amber Jennings.  Peter is still running the streets of Grenfell each and every morning ensuring he is well prepared for the annual event.  Peter also coordinates the Henry Lawson Festival Fun Run each year which sees many of our staff enter.  Clearly, age should not be seen as a barrier to maintaining your health through exercise.

Rachael is a more recent addition to the running game, taking the opportunity to pound the pavement in Grenfell where she now lives, on her days off.  Rachael is an inspiration to all those mums out there who struggle to find the time to look after your health – we should all  take a leaf out of her book. 

Amber has become a fitness fanatic of recent times and can regularly be seen either at the gym or travelling to some far flung destination to participate in yet another fitness event.  Amber readily admits she is “addicted to runner’s bling” having acquired a large stash of trophies and medals.  

Amber recently participated in the Husky Half Marathon completing it in an impressive 2 hours and 24 minutes. Amber completed the half marathon to raise much needed funds for her chosen charity – her Fijian Friend Salome.  Behind all the fancy and luxurious resorts, the real Fijians are struggling.  Salome works as a housekeeper at one of the resorts to help support her mother and father.  Salome was recently sick with dengue fever for the second time leaving her unable to work.  Amber wanted to help her out – Salome dreams of studying one day, just like Amber, but her opportunities are limited.  So far Amber has raised $1080.  Well done Amber.

In addition to that, Catherine Hall who has been with our firm for in excess of thirty years, Peter, Rachael and Amber all enjoy the annual Cherry Chase held during Young’s Cherry Festival.  Catherine was especially proud of herself when she beat Mr Moffitt across the finish line.

We should all be encouraged to move more, every day!  On that note, we encourage all our staff to attend our annual MOVE MORE event in the Weddin Mountains in October.

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